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    Cumberland County Guidance Center provides the following Programs and Services:
  • Outpatient

    Individual, family, and group therapy. Psychiatric evaluations, medication monitoring and management provided at these sites: Millville (856)825-6810 / Fax - (856)825-0281 
  • Emergency Services (Crisis)

    Hotline: (856) 455-5555. Crisis intervention and screening for psychiatric admissions/commitments.
  • Adult Partial Care - (856)825-6810 x224 / Fax - (856)765-0931

    Weekday programming for psychiatrically disabled adults, including those with substance abuse problems. Transportation provided. Participates in the Child & Adult Care Food Program.
  • Mental Health Justice Involved - (856)455-6732, x102 / Fax - (856)451-6913

    Staff advocate for a reduction of incarceration days when symptoms of a persistent psychiatric disorder contribute to the individual's incarceration.  An array of case management services are provided to assist individuals achieve valued community goals.
  • Integrated Case Management Services (ICMS) - (856)455-6732 x102 / Fax (856)451-6913

    Case management services for severely and persistently mentally ill individuals returning to the community after hospitalization.
  • Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) - (856)455-8316 x201 / Fax- (856)455-3489

    Intensive supervision for the severely mentally ill living in the community. Medication monitoring.
  • Project for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) - (856)825-6810 x256 / Fax - (856)825-6342

    Assistance finding, establishing and maintaining an appropriate residential setting for consumers with severe and persistent mental illness.
  • Supported Employment Services - (856)825-6810 x256 / Fax - (856)825-5036

    Job development and support for mental health consumers who are or have been registered with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • Community Support Services (CSS) - (856)691-8579 x100 / Fax (856)691-8625

    Community support services are provided to individuals living in the community with psychiatric disorders.  Case Managers assist each individual to achieve their highest level of independence.  Supportive services include daily living skills, financial management, good health practices, socialization and vocational development.
  • Residential Services - (856)691-8579 x101 / Fax (856)691-8625

    Supervised living for psychiatrically disabled adults.
  • Intensive Family Support Services - (856)825-6810 x256 / Fax - (856)825-6342

    Support, information, and education provided for family members of mentally ill consumers.
  • Administration - (856)825-6810 / Fax - (856)327-4281

    Accounting/Bookkeeping, IT, Maintenance & Quality Improvement
  • Human Resources - (856)825-6810 / Fax - (856)765-0241

    Job opportunities, resumes, employment verifications and any other matters relating to our staff.