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Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS)

The Intensive Family Support Services program provides a focused, educational and supportive approach to enhancing the overall functioning of families with a loved one who has a mental illness. The program is available to all families in need of its services within Cumberland County and is not contingent upon a family’s ability to pay or the loved one being in a treatment program.

IFSS provides a wide range of supportive activities that are designed to improve overall function and quality of life for families who have mental health needs. Services are targeted to the needs of relatives and others who are closely involved with and concerned about their loved one’s daily functioning and whose lives are significantly impacted by the illness.

Guidance Center mental health professionals reach out to families in need in our community. Our goal is to provide families in need with knowledge, skills, and support, to enhance their quality of life at home.

We Offer:

  • Psychoeducation for families in the community, providing them with information on mental health issues and treatment options including teaching families about the symptoms and effects of medications
  • Family stabilization services
  • In- and out-of-home respite care
  • Medication education
  • Family needs assessment for our clients
  • Referral to mental health and community-based support programs
  • Family support when a loved one is hospitalized
  • Family consultation and advocacy
  • Support groups for caregivers
  • Help in fostering an improved quality of life for family and loved ones by creating a supportive and understanding environment

Intensive Family Support Services:
(856)-825-6810 Ext 276
(856) 392-2392 Cell