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Outpatient Services

Individual, family, and group therapy services are offered. Psychiatric evaluations, medication monitoring and management are provided at the Millville site.

The Outpatient Services program provides a range of services to support mental wellness with a multi-disciplined approach to care. These services are designed to preserve or improve current functioning, alleviate symptoms of stress, change troubling behaviors, provide skills to strengthen coping strategies, and offer emotional support resources.

The Guidance Center’s team of mental health professionals strives to develop a collaborative treatment relationship with its patients. This team includes advanced practice nurses, board-certified and licensed adult and child and adolescent psychiatrists, case managers, certified alcohol and drug counselors, licensed clinical social workers and professional counselors, licensed psychologists, registered nurses, and support staff.

Outpatient services provide treatment for:

  • Anxiety
  • Confused thinking
  • Difficulty relating to people and situations
  • Depression
  • Detachment from reality including delusional thoughts, paranoia, and hallucinations
  • Excessive anger
  • Excessive worry
  • Extreme mood changes in activities and low or slowed activity levels
  • Thoughts of self harm
Outpatient criteria:

  • Five years of age or older
  • Cumberland county and out of county residents
  • Experiencing an emotional or behavioral issue necessitating behavioral health treatment

Outpatient Access Center:
(856) 825-6810 Ext. 261
Fax: (856) 825-0281