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Mental Health Justice Involved (MHJI)

The Guidance Center’s Mental Health Justice Involved program is designed to serve Cumberland County residents who are diagnosed with a serious mental illness and are involved with the criminal justice system. Its purpose is to provide support and linkage to services in the community in order to decrease relapse. The Guidance Center’s MHJI program is staffed by bachelor’s level case managers who provide support, linkage and advocacy in the county jail, community, probation, and court system.

Successful re-entry from incarceration requires assistance in the transition from a controlled to a non-controlled environment. We assist with the individual’s stability in the community and help ensure safety of all involved.

Mental Health Justice Involved:
(856) 825-6810 Ext. 295
Fax: (856) 825-6342

Goals of MHJI:

  • Establish contact with individuals with mental illness and engage them in services if they become involved in the criminal justice system
  • Advocate for a decrease in incarceration time or treatment in lieu of incarceration when appropriate
  • Follow individuals into the community immediately upon release from incarceration with the establishment of a consumer-driven re-entry program
  • Help divert these individuals from ongoing justice involvement and enhance their community functioning
  • Assess addiction issues and coordinate drug and alcohol rehabilitation
  • Assist individuals in obtaining linkage to services that will support them in the community such as housing, employment, family, healthcare, mental health providers, and financial services.